Fujian Medical University

Education is that remains forever and ever with you. Thus college and learning are proportional to each other. Fujian medical university has 2 campus; one in Shangjie and other one is in Taijiang. Calculating total area it is divided into 87 hectares building area is about 379,000 square meters. The university provides ample of services to their international or local students. Thousands of individual register here for themselves to gain surpass knowledge.

The university provides valuable information to their students which can enhance their personality and aptitude. Fujian medical university staff members are master in their field; thus they are always ready to sort out the problems whether it is related to academic or other. The management provides plentiful facilities to their students.

We understand that competition level is increasing day by day. Thus our qualified faculty members are there to guide you practical examples. You can register here for either Bachelor or master classes. The students pass out from this university are working at top most positions. For medical students well-equipped research centre are available for students to explore their knowledge. The co-operative management understands that along with theoretical knowledge practical worksheets are quite necessary for certification program. Thus we deliver you appropriate areas where you can practice for better outcomes.

Similarly, other departments are also known for their unique features. We understand that the students who want to pursue for MBBS are between 18 – 19 age group; thus their thinking level also differs as compared to teenagers. So the activities or other learning mechanism available at Fujian medical University is based on their mental status. This is the age when students can grab the practical knowledge more efficiently. So every department tries to provide best opportunities to that student can explore their knowledge and do extremely well in their career.

Students can find ample of opportunities; no doubt they can also get a chance of placement with their extreme skills. You can either try here as a lecturer or can also work in research centres.  So it’s high time to grab the opportunities and think beyond. Fujian medical university is certified from the education department and is also considered among the leading institutes.

Our teaching staff members are appointed by the expert management and all of them are well-qualified in their sectors. There are three basic rules of success. Starting one is – go on; second one is – go on. And last but not least third is – go on.

Low Tution Fees

No Donations

MCI/WHO Approved

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MBBS in Fujian Medical University

Fujian medical university was established in the year 1937, whose predecessor was named as Fujian Provincial Medical Vocational School. After sometime in the year 1939 the name of school was changed to Fujian Provincial Medical College and was known as Fujian medical college from 1949.In 1969, the university was combined with Fujian Chinese Traditional Medical College as well as the medical department of Overseas Chinese University. Therefore we can say that MBBS in Fujian medical university was moved to Quanzhou, Fujian for some time but then later on the university move back to Fuzhou in the year 1978.







Total Expense in 5yrs


Paid in the University in 1 st year 2500RMB-

4.5 millions Books

one of the biggest libraries in
the whole of China

16 Research Centers

7 Provincial Level Key Labs,11 Research Institutes,2 Key Labs co-found by the Ministry

28 Schools

that provide various research, graduate and undergraduate lever courses to students

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